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Archive for March 2009

50 years ago, spring cleaning may have meant beating the rugs, throwing open the windows, and getting rid of the dust bunnies under the bed.  But today--with our complex and challenging lives, itís time to take Spring Cleaning to a whole new level. It's time to clear the obsolete from our lives to generate the space and energy to move forward with vigor!

But.... where do you begin?  Getting started is the hardest part for most people....so I've created a 2 part Spring Fling Challenge to jump-start your efforts....

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Welcome to my newly launched blog!  In addition to news from Julie Morgenstern Enterprises, Iíll be posting entries here on a wide range of topics including organizing, time management and decluttering and their relation to current events and reader feedback.  The best part is the ability for you to weigh in, ask questions and share your own perspectives...

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