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I am thrilled to announce that my OpenSky Shop is officially up and running! Each item is only on sale at a crazy 30-50% for 24 hours before it goes into my Collection, where you can get it for a smaller discount.  Click here to follow me and stay on top of items as soon as they go live!

If you’re not already following me on OpenSky, now is the time to do it, because we are offering another GIVEAWAY for new sign-ups! THREE lucky winners will get one of my all-time favorite products: the double hamper! Perfect for separating lights from darks, delicates from non-delicates, or his from hers! But hurry- You must sign up by next week to be eligible to win!

And if you are already following me on OpenSky- don’t fret! The Double Hamper will be on sale soon!!

By signing up, you will get weekly exclusive deals from up to 50% off of the best organizing products out there—hand selected by me!

OpenSky is an awesome new website and I am so excited to be collaborating with them!

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Rebecca Soulette in NYC is the winner of our fantastic Closet Organizing Kit! We had such success from doing this giveaway we decided, What the heck—let’s do another!

Sign up now to FOLLOW ME on OpenSky and you will automatically be eligible to win our NEW  GIVEAWAY item….  Drum roll please…

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Now, I’m sure you’ve been meaning to create order in your home for a while. Maybe it was one of your New Years’ Resolutions that you didn’t quite keep. Then, you figured, in honor of Spring Cleaning, you’d conquer the piles…but you never quite got it together then either.  Don’t worry—when it comes to decluttering, everyone procrastinates, and summer is another fresh-start opportunity. 

You know what's great about summer?  Time. The days are easier, the kids don't have homework, and the sun stays out till 9:00pm. Time slows down. We're more relaxed, have more energy and more time to spare. 
This summer think about using the extra time on your hands to finally declutter -- to rid yourself of all the stuff weighing you down, getting in your way, and stealing your energy rather than fueling you when you try to relax at home. ...........

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